Affiliates Go To School!

By: Ray Burton

It has been said that only 2% of affiliate marketers ever make any �real� money from their efforts. The rest struggle and flounder as they see most of their efforts fail. Rather like master archers hitting the bull�s-eye each time while the rest struggle to sharpen their arrows, draw the bow and try to figure out what to aim at!

Those who run affiliate programs are often very sincere and well meaning, but lack the expertise at marketing. They may have produced a great product, but that doesn�t make them great marketers.

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing then you need to go to someone who�s meets 4 simple criteria.

  1. Has made a success at affiliate marketing.

  2. Has the skills to teach their success principles.

  3. Teaches principles of success for any program and not just their own.

  4. Has committed themselves to seeing you become successful and not just inflating their own bank account.

All this can be summed up as quality support for your benefit. Does such support actually exist? Most courses train you and then leave you to �go and put it into action�. They don�t follow through with you until you are successful. The reason is they have no motivation to do so because it's not cost effective.

We are about to see a new era in the field of affiliate marketing. Just recently launched is �Affiliate Classroom� who meet the previously mentioned criteria. This is hugely refreshing. At last proper training without hidden agendas! Training for the benefit of the marketer and not the product owner. I believe we will see a rise in the number of such training programs over the next few years. We may even see affiliate program owners promoting such �classrooms� as part of their own marketing strategy.

About The Author

Ray Burton is an internet marketer specializing in affiliate programs, business opportunities, joint ventures and resources to create your online success. He has paid special attention to online training programs for new marketers.

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This article was posted on December 02, 2004
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