The Seven Secrets of a High-Sales Marketer

By: Raynay Valles

If you want to boost your website sales to the next level, you've got to think and act like a high-sales marketer. Here's how:

1. Think sales not just traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to pull targeted traffic. Could anything be better? In many cases, pay-per-SALE advertising is a better choice. With pay-per-clicks, you may or may not make sales. With a pay-per-sale arrangement, there's very little or even NO risk. You only pay when you make sales. Affiliate programs and joint ventures are examples. Set up deals where you pay only for each sale.

2. Persuade traffic become customers. Be sure your website is doing the best sales job it can. Does your website persuade 1 percent of visitors to become customers? Can it do better? This is the most overlooked yet easiest way to build sales. If you change your website and it converts 2 percent of visitors to buyers instead of the previous 1 percent, you've doubled sales. Make your website persuade better.

3. Capture prospects. When a visitor comes to your website, he or she wants something. Yet, 98 out of 100 visitors will click away from your website without buying. If you can't make the sale, at least get them to give you their email addresses. You do this by offering a newsletter or free report. Once you do this, you have a list of prospects to contact systematically. You can make sales to them in the future and without much expense.

4. Follow up with prospects. Don't be content to have a mailing list and never mail to it. Send a series of emails to prospects. You can automate this so it doesn't take much time. And it can be very effective in creating more sales.

5. Follow up with customers. They have already trusted you enough to buy once. If your product or service is valuable to them, they are likely to buy again, but only if they don't forget about you. Stay in contact with your customers. Don't just send them ads. Send emails that say you care about their success.

6. Know what works. Most webmasters have no idea what is or is not working for them. Pay-per-sale advertising makes this simple, but you probably will use other marketing methods. That's great as long as you track results. High sales marketers track their marketing methods to see which ones brought CUSTOMERS.

7. Do more of what works, whatever it is. It's easy to get caught up in doing the next great marketing method. Test other marketing ideas, but keep doing what works. If you create and distribute a press release and that brings buyers, do more of this. Keep doing it until it stops working.

About The Author

Raynay Valles is a High Sales Marketer who makes websites profitable. For more information, visit or write her at [email protected].

This article was posted on October 04, 2004
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